That’s Life

Produced by: Larry Kelin
Engineered and Mixed by: Helik Hadar

All songs written by Julia Fordham
Muttley Melodies (ASCAP)

Except Jacob’s Ladder
Written by Julia Fordham, Sebastian Haimer and Jeff Young
Muttley Melodies (ASCAP), Malibu Sound Music Productions/
Glad Brad Music (ASCAP/PRS)

Except Perfect Me
Written by Julia Fordham and David Ricketts

Except That’s Life
Written by Julia Fordham and Gary Clark

I’m Sorry But
Written by Julia Fordham and Kipper

Photo : Melanie Nissen

Released Date: 2004
Vanguard Records

  1. Sugar
  2. Jacob’s Ladder
  3. Perfect Me
  4. Jump
  5. Downhill Sunday
  6. Walking on the Water
  7. Connecting
  8. That’s Life
  9. I’m Sorry But ……
  10. Guilty